On September 19, 2019, the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) held a Webinar:

How Lessons from Brain Science Can Support District- and School-Level Transformation

Winsome WaitePhD, Vice President of Practice, Alliance for Excellent Education

Mary SieuPhD, Superintendent, ABC Unified School District (Los Angeles, CA)
Robyn Harper, Policy and Research Associate, Alliance for Excellent Education

Wondering how you can make your middle and high schools a place students enjoy attending? How educators can create conditions so aligned with the developmental stages of adolescence that they enable greater learning? Educators know that adolescence is a special time but do they know that it is a time of great opportunity for them too?

This webinar described profound changes in student engagement at ABC Unified School District in California resulting from the district’s efforts to align its strategic vision with research on how students learn and develop—what we at All4Ed call the “Science of Adolescent Learning.”

Dr. Mary Sieu, the superintendent of ABC Unified, described how research-based changes in the district’s policies and practices have impacted schools and student learning. She also shared ideas for how the science of adolescent learning can be used to support systems-level change in every school and district, no matter its size, location, or composition.